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About David Evans Associates LLP

The best way to reach an informed decision on such an important investment as a home is to have a professional survey and valuation of the property which interests you. That’s where we come in.  With over thirty-years of experience in the market, David Evans Associates LLP, Chartered Surveyors, can bring knowledge, experience and a personal view to the table for every one of our clients.  Our highly experienced and friendly team provide a service to those within a 30-40 minute drive from Stamford, looking to purchase a private, residential property, who may require a more in-depth understanding of the condition of the property.  We will always work very closely with every client to understand exactly what they require. This means spending time with you before and after we’ve undertaken a report, to ensure you’re fully up to date on everything you need to know.  This kind of service is something that isn’t offered by many corporate establishments, but we strive to offer a personalised service each and every time.

David Evans

David carries out all the inspections, valuations, prepares reports and carries pre and post survey conversations with every client to understand their requirements in depth.

Andrea Snape

Andrea carries out administration and typing, including terms of engagement and invoicing and liaising with clients and estate agents.

Dominique Evans

Dominique supports the administration and filing, while also occasionally liaising with our clients.


What Our Clients Say

“We were very happy with the service provided, thank you guys!”

Maria Stone

“Excellent service very helpful when selling our property .”

Martin Davies

“David is an excellent surveyor who has successfully helped me buy several properties, guiding and at times advising against proceeding when I have found problematic properties. His many years of experience enable him to assesses properties with wisdom and knowledge. Nothing is too much trouble and he is always accessible happy to discuss clients’ concerns and property issues. A safe pair of hands. I highly recommend him.”

Pippa Cheshire

“Thank you, David. It's lovely doing business with an efficient and helpful professional like yourself.”

"I have recommended David to many clients over the last year or so and all have reported receiving a professional, prompt and helpful service. David has also carried out quinquennial inspections for a Charity I am involved with and all of the survey reports received were thorough, informative and included good advice and the survey reports were provided for a very competitive price"

Local Solicitor

“Both myself and my wife commend the professional service Mr David Evans provided. We had two surveys completed on separate properties one in September 2020 and January 2021. Each was extremely thorough, guiding us to make big financial and life style changes. All questions were responded to in a timely manner either by text or a phone call. We would highly recommend David Evans Associates.”

Peter Bratt