Expert Witness

Expert Witness

What is an Expert Witness?

An Expert Witness is a term used to describe a consultant in a particular area of expertise, who can offer their experience and knowledge during a legal dispute. 

Surveyors like ourselves at David Evans Associates LLP, are often called upon to offer impartial evidence before a court during property disputes, to help the courts form and ultimately reach a verdict.

David himself will undertake the report and as an Expert Witness acting under the guidance of Part 35 Expert and Assessors’ Civil Procedures Rules Number 35.1 to 35.15, he will document all findings and compile an independent report based on extensive industry knowledge and experience. 

Ultimately, we offer these services to a case relating to property valuation and/or diminution of value.

Why Would You Need an Expert Witness?

Expert evidence may be needed in disputes surrounding the valuation of a property and/or a diminution in value. 

Since we have over thirty years of experience in the valuation of properties, we’re most often asked to provide Expert Witness services in respect to valuations that are now in dispute.

One of the most common of these is during divorce proceedings where neither party can agree on the value of a property or when retrospective evaluations are required for tax purposes.

However, a single joint expert may also need to get involved in cases of negligence. For example, a client may sue a surveyor if they believed they’d missed something in the report, leading to a diminution in value or significant financial loss for the client.

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