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What else should I know about the HOMEBUYER Service?

The Service – the Inspection, the Report and the Valuation – are all explained in detail in the accompanying Description of the HOMEBUYER Service, but the highlights are:

This is an economical service. Because of the practical limits on the type of property and on the scope of its coverage, the HOMEBUYER Service is priced mid-range – more expensive than a Mortgage Valuation, but less than a Building Survey.

The Surveyor’s main purpose in providing the Service is to assist the prospective homebuyer to:

Make a reasoned and informed judgement on whether or not to proceed with the purchase.
Assess what would be a reasonable purchase price for the Property;
Be clear what decisions and actions should be taken before contracts are exchanged.
The Surveyor also gives a professional opinion on the particular features of the Property which affect its present value and may affect its future resale.

The Concise Report covers the building both inside and outside, the services and the site. It focuses on the defects and other problems which, in the judgement of the Surveyor, are urgent or significant, but it also covers:

The general condition and particular features of the property Particular points which should be referred to the Client’s Legal Advisers Other relevant considerations concerning, for example, safety, the location, the environment or perhaps insurance. Matters which are judged to be not significant or not urgent are generally not included in the Report.

The Surveyor may, however, comment on any other matters judged to be helpful and constructive.

Where the Client has a particular concern – for example, whether the Property is suitable for a disabled person – the Surveyor will, if asked, keep this is mind during the Inspection. Or, Client and Surveyor may agree on a specific Addition to the Service.

In some situations the Client may ask the Surveyor to provide an extra service outside the scope of the standard package. For example, the Client may ask for a schedule of minor defects (for later discussion with a contractor), or the testing of mains services by suitably qualified specialists. The Surveyor may be prepared to arrange such extra services, but they cannot be undertaken as part of the HOMEBUYER Service: they require a separate contract.

Where the client should take some action before deciding whether or not to proceed with the purchase, this is clearly signalled in the text of the Report as ‘ACTION’. Together with other key considerations, each such item is included in the Summary with advice on how to take the action.

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